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A tarot spread designed to provide insights and guidance on practicing self-care during challenging times:

  1. Root of the Issue:  Card 1: Represents the core of the challenge or difficulty you're facing. What is at the root of your current struggles?

  2. Nurturing Energy:  Card 2: This card reflects the type of self-care that will be most nurturing for you right now. What activities or practices will replenish your energy and bring comfort?

  3. Release and Let Go:  Card 3: Signifies what you need to release or let go of in order to prioritize your well-being. What thoughts, habits, or emotions are hindering your self-care?

  4. Support System:  Card 4: Highlights the support systems available to you. This could be people, resources, or even inner strengths you may not be fully tapping into.

  5. Inner Strengths:  Card 5: Reveals your inner strengths and resilience that can aid you in navigating tough times. What personal qualities or skills should you rely on?

  6. Mind-Body Connection:  Card 6: Explores the connection between your mental and physical well-being. What practices can help you balance your mind and body during challenging moments?

  7. Coping Strategies:  Card 7: Offers guidance on effective coping strategies. What practical steps or mindset shifts can you adopt to better cope with the difficulties you're facing?

  8. Future Self-Care Focus:  Card 8: Indicates the aspect of self-care you should prioritize in the coming weeks. What should be your main focus for maintaining well-being moving forward?

Remember to approach the tarot reading with an open mind, and use the insights gained to guide your self-care practices in a way that feels authentic and supportive to you.



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