What some of my clients have to say... Thank you for all for your kind words and for allowing them to be shared with others.

For anyone having doubts….DON’T!!! Tamara is the only one I have ever met that I keep coming back to because of her accuracy, patience,
prices and empathy. In the 3 years I have been consulting with her,
she has helped me through so much and has never ever been wrong! Truly
a gifted individual that is full of compassion. I can’t say enough
good things about her!! She has gone above and beyond more times than
I can count and I am so grateful I found her! Feel free to email me
with any questions you might have about my experiences.


I recently had a session with a very dear women who has just lost her husband to cancer.  The following email is from her, and touched my heart.  She gave me permission to share, in hopes that others may benefit from her words... -Tamara

Hi Tamara, how are you?
I want to thank for the session yesterday, it was really awesome, there were all kind of emotions and thoughts, the most difficult part was when my thoughts were about my husband who died recently from cancer, there were images when he were at the hospital, the beginning of all of it and then last week of his life when so skinny, so lonely, I think I will never forget about it, and right at this moment when I was meditating it, my tears are starting coming out from me, it was painful, then I clarified my inner world with the pure water, it really helped, it was something I felt like a water was cleansing my inner world and with my exhalation all the dirty water came out from my inner world, then I created a fire bubble that was hot from outside, and very warm and cozy from inside. So after that I went to sleep and oh my God, I saw my husband in my dream, we were seating at the table and we were eating, he wasn't skinny, he ate and he didn't say a word, he had an important look, I would say a little strict, its amazing he didn't say a single word and then I woke up. These all I had yesterday. I would like to thank you.

I send you my gratitude and blessings,
Have a nice day



I am so fortunate  to have been searching the internet and found Tamara's Website back in 2014. I am in my 50's, and I had been struggling with finding the courage to accept myself as a transwoman.Tamara help me with so many things and her castings and mediation techniques helped me to find the strength to begin transitioning for the last time.The magic of her castings are very powerful. Her castings along with helping me Believe in myself, I started my journey to become the whole person I have always desire. I started taking female herbal hormones in January 2016- Tamara helped me loss over 80 lbs through a daily coaching program.A big a part of my transition has been listening to my affirmation recording that Tamara did for me on weight loss and feminine transitioning.Even help me with choosing my current name -Ashley Nicole.She help me with my fears and I find to the strength to share with my wife, my intent to transition. My wife has been very supportive, thanks to Tamara's castings and advice.In July of 2017 I found myself seeking out a therapist, after several sessions I was given my letter to begin Hormone therapy- I was so excited. Tamara's coaching abilities, insight and castings has helped me transform me into the person I have been hiding for so long.inside me.  

Any questions please reach out to me at  Ashley2016Nicole@gmail.com

I have received so many Blessings- Thank You Tamara!


I have been working with Tamara on weight Loss and Exercise- With her
guidance and casting of spells I have been blessed with losing 60 Lbs
and I have developed my life style of eating healthy and exercising
daily as a normal way of life- Tamara’s insight and her abilities to
target my weaknesses have made the difference. Tamara has taught me
about certain foods, and giving me a her meal plan that is easy to
prepare. She has Introduced me into 15 to 20 min exercises are great.
Tamara has coached me thru workouts, distant sessions and her spells
have helped me in my total transformation into my ideal image of
myself. Thank You For all Your Blessings. D from (Missouri)

Tamara is nothing short of phenomenal to work with!! She has helped me so much with a romantic issue that had been plaguing me for quite some time. She is the real deal! Tamara is great at assessing the situation, guiding and explaining everything, and the actual spell casting WORKS!!:) Tamara is also very gifted at listening (reading) what you have to say, and is always there with a kind word or suggestion.- She is a HUGE help! I’m so pleased to of found her.:) Tessa

You taught me how to tap into my own Psychic Abilities. Now I am following in your footsteps, and you are still supportive of me. I cannot express my gratitude enough. You have truly changed my life for the better.
LaShawna (New Orleans, LA)