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Use this Anxiety Relief Tarot Spread as a tool for reflection and guidance. They can offer insights into your current situation and provide suggestions for coping and self-care. Use the insights gained to support your journey towards anxiety relief.
  1. Present State - "Current Anxiety": This card represents your current state of anxiety. What aspects of your life are contributing to your anxiety?
  2. Root Cause - "Underlying Factors": Explore the root cause of your anxiety. What deeper issues or concerns may be fueling your anxious feelings?

  3. Release and Let Go - "What to Release": Discover what thoughts, emotions, or situations you need to release to alleviate anxiety. This card provides guidance on what you can let go of for a sense of relief.

  4. Grounding Energy - "Grounding Techniques": Gain insights into grounding techniques or activities that can help you feel more centered and present. What practices will bring stability and balance to your energy?

  5. Self-Care - "Nurturing Yourself": Explore ways to nurture and care for yourself during anxious moments. What self-care practices will bring comfort and support?

  6. Positive Focus - "Shift in Perspective": Identify positive aspects or perspectives that can counteract anxious thoughts. What positive mindset or focus can help shift your perspective?

  7. Outcome - "Anxiety Relief": This final card reveals the potential outcome of implementing the guidance from the spread. What does a state of anxiety relief look like for you, and how can you work towards achieving it?



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