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New Moon Manifestation Session: The energy during a new moon is heightened, making it a powerful time for setting intentions and manifesting desires. This heightened energy provides additional support for focusing on goals.

Your journey is unlike anyone else's, and so are your desires. Entrust me with your heartfelt aspirations and I will create a custom manifestation ritual that resonates with your energy and intentions and cast on your behalf.

How It Works:

Select Your Intention: Type out your Full Moon Manifestation desires in the contact form section below.

Provide Details: Share some basic information about yourself and your goals.

Manifestation Meditation/Ritual: While I perform the ritual for you, you can engage with the process wholeheartedly by meditation and visualization of your intentions manifesting. Do this as often as you like, until they manifest. 

Embrace Change: As the energies take root, be open to opportunities and changes that align with your intention.

Karmic Harmony: Everything I do is designed to resonate with the greater balance of the universe, promoting relationships that contribute to your growth and happiness without infringing upon the autonomy of others.

 Note: My services are based on spirituality, intuition, and personal beliefs. Results may vary based on individual circumstances and energies. Specific outcomes are not guaranteed. 



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