A New Moon can work powerful manifestation magic. Thoughts planted at the New Moon will grow. Think positive thoughts, focus on your goals and set your intentions!

If you would like my magical assistance, I will be available for New Moon Castings on the 13th & 14th. All orders placed after 10:00 p.m. EST. will be cast the following evening.

Create a new story for yourself- it's time to grow and reinvent.

The Gemini New Moon gives us the opportunity to see both the practical and the magical. Let your old perspective die and be open to new ways of thinking, be open to new ways of understanding the world around you.

This lunation is all about learning, opening up, trusting, reinventing and growing, not for making decisions.

Gemini activates the thinking realms, the imagination and the mental channels- seeking patterns, connection and purpose.

You are on a journey, the destination and the outcome are irrelevant, this is a time for learning and growing. There is plenty of room to breathe, so let your imagination run wild.

All will be revealed in is the time to wait and listen. You do not have to see the end, simply find your path.

Breathe through any destructive impulses, fears and negative thoughts. Ground yourself, find your path and see where it takes you.

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