With a Solar Eclipse in Pisces absolutely anything is possible!


A Strong Solar Eclipse full of Spiritual Promise takes place today in the Intuitive, Mysterious & Enchanting sign of Pisces. This Annular Eclipse will only be visible in Southern and Western Africa and at the tip of South America, but will be felt by us all.

The Piscean New Moon Solar Eclipse is bringing forth a wave of Positive Energy that is STRONG, DIRECT, EYE OPENING & POWERFULLY MOTIVATING

Like any Pisces New Moon, this Solar Eclipse is ideal for new beginnings in the areas of Spirituality, Creativity & Honing your own Intuitive Gifts. Borrow from this Inspirational Pisces Energy and Expand your Consciousness, Be more Artistic, Empathetic and Open to new Thoughts, Experiences and Adventures.


Be sure to use it to your advantage. Write out and focus on your hopes, wishes & goals. Don't be afraid to Dream Big!

Sunday & Monday are ideal to Cast Spells for all Intents

The energy that transpires on this Eclipse is likely to create a theme that will last until the next Solar Eclipse, a Total Solar Eclipse, on August 21st. So make it Positive! Enjoy your day and make the most out of the amazing energy.


The mysterious and spiritual, blue planet Neptune, which rules Pisces, will be resting close to this New Moon, making us feel Spellbound and Surreal.  Our minds will be full of mysticism, fantasy & wonder.  

We feel empowered and instinctively know we can achieve anything our imaginations can conjure

Neptune will positively influence everything we do during this lunation.  We must be open in order to Receive the Abundance it holds for us.  

We will be highly attuned to the vibration energy all around us and can easily abosorb the thoughts and feelings of others at this time.  Be sure to routinely Cleanse and Protect yourself and those you love.

Pisces divine feminine energy sends us a message to take the time to connect with our inner selves...to rest, meditate and relax

Be prepared for Visions or Premonitions following this Solar Eclipse.  Keep a pen and pad of paper by your bed to quickly jot down any fading dreams as soon you wake.  Investing in our Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Emotional Health at this time will bring Abundance and Happiness into our lives.


Manifestation Tip:

It is best to be completely open and to focus on the feelings you want to create, rather than the actual physical or material items. While there is nothing wrong with wishing for material or physical possessions, there is far greater power in manifesting feelings, states of being or positive emotions.

For example, instead of trying to manifest love with a certain person you have your eye on, try to focus your energy on manifesting the emotions that love will bring you, imagine how you will feel when you find the perfect person for you, regardless of who they are. Do not focus on the "who" or "what", instead focus intently on how you will feel when you have the best thing, person, career, etc. out there for you.

When you work from this positive place, it allows your energy to stay open to the endless opportunities the Universe has in store for you. When you openly Manifest it allows you to surrender to the flow and to be directed Naturally and Organically towards your Highest Path. There are no limits to what you can Manifest, so don’t be afraid to dream big...especially with the Pisces New Moon Eclipse Energy.

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