Start Fresh & Set Bold New Intentions

Tonight, we welcome the Aries New moon and with it, the energy that brings new ideas, the desire to take action and an intense, fiery passion. This is an ideal time to take a detour from our normal routine and set new goals & intentions.

Make full use of this passionate, fiery Aries Energy with a New Moon Spell Casting.

The things we want and desire are very apparent right about now

Relationships, financial concerns and the things we value in life are all important focal points of this New Moon.

It's an ideal time for Romance

Instant attraction and whirlwind romances are possible (for those who are both single & married). Be wise, make your decisions carefully! Those made hastily based on lust will only end with sorrow and regret, while those made in patience with love will yield long lasting, passionate and joyful relationships.

Embrace & Welcome the Aries Energy

Bring out your inner Aries.. Be more confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate, spontaneous, innovative, fearless and adventurous. On the flip side, do not fall prey to arrogance or impulsive action, some of Aries' more negative traits.

Breathe new life into your wishes

When old ways no longer serve us, we must be bold and brave and find new ways of doing things. Let this Aries New Moon lunation bring a new, creative & innovative energy into your life. Be open to new things, thoughts & ideas.

Make Needed Changes in Your Life

With New moon energy, we become aware of things that we need to change. This same energy also gently pushes us forward, giving us a helping hand in making those changes. The New Moon is here to support and help you every step of the way...

...And so am I! I am available for both Magical workings and Spiritual Guidance on a daily, weekly, monthly or as you need it basis. Contact me if you would like to discuss how I can best help you.

The Universe will only be giving us this little push forward with fresh start energy for a few weeks.

So Set New Intentions that will Bring Happiness and Joy into your Life and let's get started working Magic together!

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