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December Cancer Full Moon 2018 Full Moon in Cancer

LET THE LIGHT OF THE CANCER FULL MOON ILLUMINATE YOU The December 22nd Full Moon will help us wrap up 2018 and prepare us for what lies ahead in 2019. This Cancer Full Moon energy is a real mixed bag...bringing us release, new beginnings, and endings, all at the same time. A Full Moon Tarot Reading can help you find out what to let go of, what to pay attention to, and what lies ahead. Bathe in the light of this Full Moon, give gratitude for all that you have been given and all that you have achieved, and spend...

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Winter Solstice

Happy Holidays As a gift to you, please enjoy my YouTube Guided Meditation to help manifest your desires and surround you with more happiness and light this holiday season! As we enter this time of darkness, the longest night of the year, keep in mind, that from out of the darkness, emerges the light. This is a time to turn inward, to reflect, be more aware of our dreams, thoughts and visions, to listen to our inner voices, to release old habits and patters, and to let go of all that does not serve our best interest. It is a time...

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December 2018 New Moon New Moon in Sagittarius

Under this Dark Moon, it's time to reflect on the year...where we have been, how far we have come, and what lies ahead for the new year. 2018 was a year of growth, and in some way, at some point, something inside us shifted. We have grown, now the time has come to rest, enjoy, and seek adventure as we journey into this Holiday Season. The December New Moon has an adventurous spark to it. Stepping out of our comfort zone, traveling, and socializing will all be favored under this Sagittarius energy. This is the perfect time for us to...

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Gemini Full Moon - November 2018

GEMINI ENERGY WILL ILLUMINATE OUR PATH   We will be seeing things in a different light...from a new perspective. The Full Moon in Gemini tonight will be bringing clarity to a situation that we may have been in the dark about for some time. This newfound clarity will open our minds and expand the possibilities around us. Opportunities will be boundless! Along with illuminating a new truth, this Full Moon is also going to be encouraging us to work with the energy of Gemini as we wrap up the year. It's time to be creative, communicative and expressive! Gemini energy...

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Full Moon in Taurus

This Full Moon turns unexpected changes into opportunities and shows the vulnerabilities in both our love life and finances. Saturn brings practical solutions that lead to greater security and stability. The October Full Moon falls on the 24th in the sign of Taurus. This earthy Full Moon is here to balance, strengthen and help us become more aware of our strengths as well as our weaknesses...this will allow us to find our center, when life throws us curves. Under this Full Moon, our finances will be highlighted and we may need to take some measures to create more structure and...

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