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Winter Solstice

Happy Holidays

As a gift to you, please enjoy my YouTube Guided Meditation to help manifest your desires and surround you with more happiness and light this holiday season!

As we enter this time of darkness, the longest night of the year, keep in mind, that from out of the darkness, emerges the light.

This is a time to turn inward, to reflect, be more aware of our dreams, thoughts and visions, to listen to our inner voices, to release old habits and patters, and to let go of all that does not serve our best interest. It is a time for hope, light and inspiration.

Make a conscious effort to increase the amount of light, positive thoughts and love within and around you.

Times of darkness urge us to go within, to reflect on our inner selves.

If you need a little push, this Winter Solstice Tarot Reading  can help you dive deep.

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