Virgo New Moon



-There is nothing more intense than a moment of clarity-

Today, in the earth sign of Virgo, the New Moon delivers us a dose of clarity and focus, allowing us to see our current situation more objectively than before. If we listen, and make needed changes, we can be more grounded and balanced in our daily lives.

Now is the time for us to direct our focus toward what we want to attract and create. We must not let ourselves be distracted or discouraged by fear or by the opinions of others and the "noise" around us.

Let go of unhealthy or insecure thinking. All the resources we need are already within us.

Don't doubt, believe.

We have the power to choose what we focus our attention on. Focus on what you want to attract, not what you do not.

If we use this observant and grounded Virgo energy to connect with our own independence and inner strength, we can plug into our fullest potential and manifest our desires!

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