The Skinny on Tarot

The Skinny on Tarot

Tarot is a divination tool that can be used to gain insight into a variety of situations, including decision-making. Tarot cards are believed to have archetypal symbols and images that can help individuals access their intuition and gain clarity on a particular situation.

When using tarot for decision-making, a person will typically choose a spread, which is a specific layout of cards, that is designed to address their question or situation. Each card in the spread represents a different aspect of the situation or decision at hand.

As the cards are laid out, the reader will interpret their meanings and how they relate to the question or situation. This interpretation can help the individual gain new insights, perspectives, and potential outcomes that they may not have considered before.

Tarot can also be used to tap into the subconscious mind and uncover any underlying emotions, beliefs, or patterns that may be influencing the decision. By bringing these subconscious factors to conscious awareness, the individual can make a more informed decision and potentially avoid any pitfalls or obstacles.

Overall, tarot can help people make decisions by providing them with a new perspective, accessing their intuition, and bringing underlying factors to conscious awareness. However, it's important to remember that tarot should not be the sole decision-making tool and should be used in conjunction with critical thinking, personal values, and other sources of information.

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