Find a quiet spot outdoors or indoors where you feel connected to nature. Clear any distractions and create a simple altar with flowers, a candle, and a bowl of water.

Invocation of Balance: Light the candle, symbolizing the balance of light and darkness on this equinox. Take a moment to breathe deeply, feeling the harmony of the day.

Offering of Gratitude: Speak aloud or silently offer gratitude for the gifts of the Earth, acknowledging the abundance of life and growth that surrounds us.

Intentions for Renewal: Hold a seed in your hand, symbolizing your intentions for growth and renewal. Visualize these intentions taking root, nourished by the energies of spring.

Release and Renewal: Take a few moments to reflect on what you are ready to release, like shedding the old to make way for the new. Allow any stagnant energy to dissipate into the earth, making space for fresh beginnings.

Closing Blessing: Pour a small amount of water into the earth, offering blessings for the coming season. Blow out the candle, symbolizing the end of the ritual and the return to the present moment.

Gratitude and Farewell: Offer one final expression of gratitude for the blessings of the equinox before concluding the ritual. Take a moment to soak in the energy of renewal before returning to your daily life.

May the balance and beauty of the Spring Equinox infuse your life with growth, joy, and abundance. Blessed be.



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