Under this Dark Moon, it's time to reflect on the year...where we have been, how far we have come, and what lies ahead for the new year.

2018 was a year of growth, and in some way, at some point, something inside us shifted. We have grown, now the time has come to rest, enjoy, and seek adventure as we journey into this Holiday Season.

The December New Moon has an adventurous spark to it. Stepping out of our comfort zone, traveling, and socializing will all be favored under this Sagittarius energy.

This is the perfect time for us to practice gratitude and to focus on all that we have in our lives to be grateful for.

What’s done is done, let the past be in the past. We cannot allow these events to weigh us down and block us from experiencing the beauty and light that this life has to offer. Instead, choose to let things go and to allow happiness and joy to flow in.

Take some time now to see the bigger picture, and to view things from a more expansive and positive point of view.

2018 was a challenging year, but we made it through and we are stronger now because of it!

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