New Moon in Scorpio- Reset and Mainfest

New Moon in Scorpio- Reset and Mainfest

With this Scorpio new moon, we have an opportunity to reset.


New Moon in Scorpio today allows us some deep insight into our present motivations and behaviors.

Now is the time to manifest. If we set our intentions for the remainder of the year, we can accomplish much! Use this energy to break old habits and replace them with new ones.

Visualizing, writing down, or drawing out our goals and desires during this time will keep our focus whee it needs to be.

This new moon energy can be deeply emotional but also deeply healing.

It is time for us to examine our thoughts and beliefs, buried emotions and trauma, and self imposed limitations.

Emotions will surface, sit with them, experience them, and then... let them go, when they are ready. They are not who we are. This too shall pass. If we focus on what we can control, if we focus on our intentions, the emotions will pass, and we will manifest our goals.

Find out what changes can be made, what opportunities are just around the corner, and how this current New Moon energy can help you achieve your goals...


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