Mercury Retrograde in Leo July- August 2018

Mercury will be retrograde in Leo from July 26 to August 19


When Mercury is in the sign of Leo, our communication becomes bolder, bigger and brighter.

Leo loves to be the center of attention, and with Mercury in this fire sign, our thoughts and words are expressive, passionate conversations fill the air, and our authentic thoughts flow freely.  It’s a good time to joke, flirt, speak from the heart, and confidently share how we feel with others. 

On the shadow side, the same day Mercury goes retrograde, the confident sun will oppose aggressive Mars. This could spark unnecessary arguments, making it even more important than ever to be patient with others and think before we speak. 

During Mercury retrograde, we tend to have more frequent misunderstandings with others, random issues with technology, transportation problems and scheduling mishaps. Mercury retrograde can also bring up relationships and feelings from the past.

This retrograde cycle affects Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius more than most. Remember, any setbacks or obstacles incurred during this time are ultimately important for growth. 

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