Tonight is the closest Supermoon of the year! ...And for the first time since 2009, it's the New Moon that is bringing this intense energy to us, not the Full.

We welcome the New Moon in Gemini on May 25, and on May 26th, the moon reaches lunar perigee (it's closest point to Earth in it's monthly orbit), giving us two very powerful days. What we do with it will could affect us for the next several months, or possibly years, so be sure to use it wisely! Manifest. Get a New Moon Casting Today or Tomorrow to manifest what you desire in your life.

Use this strong New Moon energy to welcome something new into your life, begin a new project or, to make a change for the better!

The best time for making a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two weeks of this moon cycle, the waxing phase of the Moon, from now to the June 9 Full Moon.

During this lunation, energy is going to linger and will work alongside the Super New Moon of June. This back to back, strong lunar energy means that over the next few weeks, things may seem and feel intense.

Keep your mind clear and thoughts positive and you will sail through!

This Super New Moon in Gemini will guide us to focus on our thoughts and how we communicate...not only with others, but with ourselves as well. We may find ourselves being challenged to view our thoughts differently.

When we master our thoughts, we are able to master our lives!

Use this New Moon energy as an opportunity to change the way you think for the better...and think more positively!

The more positive and harmonious we can make our thoughts, the more healthy and better we will feel, the more we will be able to achieve and the more successful we will be... in all that we do.

Enjoy the Gemini energy, it is light, free, flexible and versatile. Follow your curiosity, wherever it may lead you and enjoy the adventure.

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