The Final Full Moon of Winter is upon us!

...and there is still time to book a Full Moon Casting, tonight or tomorrow, for any and all Intents.

With a Full Moon in Virgo occurring today, there is still time to take advantage of it's strong, earthy power.

These are powerful days (3/11 – 3/14) to manifest and to reevaluate the goals we made during the prior New Moon.

Are you closer to, or further away from manifesting your desires?

The energy that this current lunar cycle brings to us is observant, analytical, reliable and detail oriented. The Moon in Virgo is opposite the Sun in Pisces- a more mystical, dreamy and spiritual sign.

We can borrow from this Virgo-Pisces, magnifying & opposing, energy and turn our dreams into something tangible.  

Now is also the perfect time to rid and release anything that seems unrealistic or unhealthy from our lives.

When channeled properly, Virgo's deep thinking energy can be extremely enlightening and can help us to realize our true potential.

Virgo exists in the mind and has a constant drive to improve and perfect, this makes it an ideal time to go analyze every aspect of our lives...and to figure out how and where to make improvements. If we are open to using this energy in a positive, productive way, we will accomplish great things!

The Virgo Full Moon Energy highlights our inner strength allowing us to know our power and to realize our capabilities, making the mantra "I am powerful and capable of amazing things" perfect for this lunation.

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