Leo Lunar Eclipse


The Full Moon Eclipse in Leo followed by Comet 45P lighting up the night sky creates an ideal time in our lives to work magic and receive positive & bountiful blessings. 

A Full moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse occurs tonight at 11:19 PM EST. Shortly after, around 3:00 AM EST. on Saturday, the green comet makes its closest approach to Earth. The powerful trifecta of energy makes it a perfect time to address anything in our life that is "off" or that we may be missing in our lives.

During the time around an eclipse, we may find ourselves having epiphanies, or become acutely aware of what we are lacking.

This is not a bad thing, thought, conversely so, it is good... The knowledge and understanding we gain will propel us into positive action and forward motion.

Eclipse energy is often fated and illuminating and draws our attention to a particular area of our life for a very specific reason, if we do not listen, we may find ourselves stuck in a rut until we do.

Eclipses are powerful enough to transform, shift and change the direction and flow of your life. This Fiery, intense Leo Lunar Eclipse Energy will last until August 2017 and will open a new gateway of productive, positive, active energy.

What we do during an eclipse has a tendency to set new patterns in our lives.

Lunar Eclipses are times of deep transformation. They are moments in time that have an increased impact on our future and can affect our lives for years to come. Eclipses often bring upon abrupt and sudden change, but this also is good, for change is needed in order to grow.

Take advantage of the Fiery Leo Eclipse Energy and book a casting to help you make positive change, get out of a rut, obtain that which you are lacking...and ultimately help you set new positive life patterns.


Use this time to bring some Leo into your life... to be creative, inspired, playful, affectionate, loyal, lovable, courageous, confident and comfortable, especially in being the center of attention.

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