It's a New Year and everyone's talking about their resolutions, intentions & goals.

Whatever you choose to call them, one thing is for certain, they will only become reality when you take action towards them. Make what it is that you want to achieve a primary focus in your life, maintain momentum, and you will be sure to succeed!

You can manifest your intentions and turn your dreams into reality by envisioning your "ideal" life.

Associate that vision of your ideal reality as if it is happening NOW, in the present, and then identify action steps that you can take to help get yourself to that place.

Feel free to listen to my Guided Meditation for Setting Intentions on YouTube or download on SoundCloud for offline play, to help you visualize your intentions, place focus, energy, and attention into your goals, and allow you to manifest your desires.

The beginning of a new year can bring up a lot of emotions. Amidst all the talk of resolutions and clean slates, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, and, as a result, lose focus.

For those who wish to enact change, but struggle to find and commit to a goal, a Distant Energy Cleanse may be the right place to start. Think of it as a meditation ritual that invigorates your energy, helps you tune into what you really want to achieve, and gently clears out what might be preventing you from getting there.

Tarot Readings are also a great way to gain clarity, guidance and insight into the new year.

For me, a New Year Tarot Reading is an annual ritual that gives me insight into the themes of the upcoming year and the opportunities that lie ahead.

You can try this Prosperity Ritual to bring more abundance into your life!

Whatever happened over this past year, be thankful for where it has brought you, for where you are is where you are meant to be.

Many Blessings & Happy New Year,


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