Gemini Full Moon - November 2018



We will be seeing things in a different light...from a new perspective.

The Full Moon in Gemini tonight will be bringing clarity to a situation that we may have been in the dark about for some time.

This newfound clarity will open our minds and expand the possibilities around us.

Opportunities will be boundless!

Along with illuminating a new truth, this Full Moon is also going to be encouraging us to work with the energy of Gemini as we wrap up the year.

It's time to be creative, communicative and expressive!

Gemini energy is about duality and is represented by the twins, or the ego and the soul. Gemini represents the light and the dark, the good and the bad. We all have duality within us.

We can harness the power of this Full Moon cycle by taking the time to journal, talk through issues with a friend, or express ourselves through a creative project.

If you have been working hard, it will now pay off... by all potential and new possibilities opening up to us.

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