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Tonight we have a Full Moon in fiery Aries giving us the stamina & drive to make things happen.

It's all about becoming self-aware & going after what we want. Full Moons are emotional times, do not react, stay calm & manage emotions in a healthy way.

This is the ideal time to release past issues and emotions. If an issue arises or emotions rise to the surface, acknowledge them, purge and let go so you can move forward.

If you would like my assistance, I will be available for Full Moon Readings & Castings on the 24th. All orders placed after 10:00 p.m. EST. will be taken care of on the following evening.

This Full Moon will help us to overcome our pain, fears and inhibitions.

Anger and frustration are often signs of deep buried pain. It is important to work on uncovering our buried pain and releasing it. Most often times, our pain can be traced back to love, either loss of love or lack of love.

We cannot control others, or make them love us, but we can learn to forgive ourselves, and to love ourselves... fearlessly and unconditionally. When we do this, it allows us to heal.

There's a lot of healing energy in this Aries Full Moon. We can choose to embrace that energy and use it as support in order to change habits, strengthen relationships, make deeper connections and open our hearts.

The Full Moon is also the perfect time for a Tarot Reading to identify what actions need to be taken to manifest the Intentions set during the New Moon.

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