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Capricorn New Moon Capricorn New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse Solar Eclipse in Capricorn


Today we will experience a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn, bringing about more powerful energy than usual, which we will all feel...more powerfully than usual.

During this solar eclipse, we will be opened to the idea that we truly have the power to do whatever we want to do in this life.

Anything will feel possible, and with this Capricorn Solar Eclipse energy...and as long as we are willing to do whatever it takes, anything is possible!

This is the time for setting practical, attainable goals; looking toward the future, and preparing for it; focusing on solid ways of developing self- discipline and self-mastery; making commitments and recognizing responsibilities; and manifesting desires, dreams, wishes and goals.

If you would like my assistance, I will be available for Solar Eclipse Readings & Distant Energy work on the 5th and 6th.

Eclipses are powerful lunations that bring significant change.

They are instrumental to our spiritual growth....without these cosmic pushes, the majority of us would stay stagnant in our ways. So, let's open our minds and hearts to the new beginnings headed our way.

Let go and surrender to the journey of self-discovery!

Use the heightened Solar Eclipse Energy to provide you with Important Messages, Insight, & Guidance through this Solar Eclipse Tarot Reading, that will answer the following questions...

What can you do to help follow your life's truest calling?

What needs to be highlighted in your life?

What is hiding from you in the shadows?

What can you do to help honor yourself?

What possible new things may this Eclipse help bring into your life?

What messages does the moon have for you ?

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