Leo New Moon - Get Your Roar On!

Leo New Moon - Get Your Roar On!

Dear Fellow Lunar Aficionados,

As we stand on the cusp of a new lunar cycle, the cosmos blesses us with the majestic energy of the New Moon in Leo, gracing our skies on August 16th. This celestial event invites us to embrace our inner lion-hearted spirits and embark on a journey of self-discovery, manifestation, and spiritual growth.

The New Moon in Leo: A Cosmic Call to Embrace Your Inner Radiance

Leo, a fire sign ruled by the sun, exudes creativity, passion, and confidence. This new moon encourages you to step into your own spotlight, shedding any doubts that dim your brilliance. The universe urges you to ignite the flames of your desires, and as the moon resets, it provides the perfect canvas for you to paint your intentions for the weeks to come.

Harnessing the Energy for Your Highest Good: Tips for the New Moon in Leo
  1. Self-Expression Ritual: Embrace your authentic self by engaging in a creative activity that speaks to your soul. Write, dance, paint—allow your inner artist to come alive.

  2. Set Intentions with Passion: Write down your heartfelt intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle. Infuse them with the passion and confidence that Leo's energy brings forth.

  3. Solar Plexus Activation: Meditate on your solar plexus chakra, the energy center of personal power. Visualize it glowing with vibrant yellow light, boosting your self-assurance.

  4. Tarot Reading for Guidance: Have a New Moon in Leo Tarot Reading. Allow the cards to provide insights and guidance on your journey during this lunar phase.

  5. Manifestation Session: If you're ready to amplify your manifestations, consider a personalized manifestation session. Use the potent energy of this new moon to supercharge your intentions.

  6. Daily Spiritual Guidance: For those seeking a deeper connection, our daily 'Spiritual & Positive Energy Guidance Sessions' offer a week or more of personal insight and growth. Let the energy of the New Moon in Leo guide your spiritual evolution.

Embrace the Leo Energy: Shine Bright, Roar Loud

The universe is conspiring in your favor. The New Moon in Leo is your cosmic opportunity to shine your light brightly and manifest your dreams with unwavering confidence. Step into your power, embrace your uniqueness, and let your intentions take flight under the starry tapestry of Leo's energy.


With love and cosmic blessings,


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