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This Spell will not only help you to shed unwanted pounds, but it will also deal with the underlying problem of why you gained the extra weight.  It will help to curb your appetite; help you feel fuller faster allowing you to eat less; will rid unhealthy cravings...replacing them with the desire to eat healthy foods; will give your metabolism a boost...helping you burn fat and calories at a faster rate and will give you the energy and desire to be more motivated and determined to reach your weight loss goals and will prompt you to take action... to be more physically active and to lead a healthier life.  


This spell and process is usually done in a series of three or more Castings, depending on the amount of weight that needs to be lost. Five to ten pounds may be lost in one to two Castings...see below.

5-10 pounds 1-3 Castings 

10-20 pounds 3-5 Castings

20-50 pounds 5-7 Castings

50+ pounds 7-10 Castings


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