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This Mercury Retrograde Tarot Spread will help you gain insights and guidance during this astrological event. Mercury retrograde is often associated with communication challenges, introspection, and revisiting past issues. This reading is designed to help you navigate these energies.

1. The Focus:  What is the main area of your life that Mercury is asking you to revisit during this retrograde?

2. Communication Breakdown:  Highlight any potential communication challenges or misunderstandings you may encounter.

3. Reflection:  What aspects of yourself or your life require deeper introspection and reflection at this time?

4. Past Influences: What past events or patterns are resurfacing during this retrograde for you to address?

5. Present Opportunities: What opportunities are available to you right now, despite the challenges or delays?

6. Mercury's Lesson:  What lesson is Mercury retrograde teaching you at this moment?

7. Moving Forward:  Advice on how to navigate the post-retrograde period and move forward positively.

8. Hidden Influences:  What may be influencing the situation behind the scenes that you need to be aware of?



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